Let's Cook up Something Different Today
Every  Day the Same Old "Professor" Routine
What Else Could I be?
Ummm,  I Could Sail the Wide Seas . . . .
. . . . and Be a Pirate !
Aaarrrrrgh!  Yes !   That's It.    I'll Be a Pirate!
Let's  see . . . .  I'll Need a Pirate Ship . . . .
Yeah,  let's see . . .
and         a parrot . . .
. . . and an eye patch  . . .
. . .  and a Hook !
These images have been extracted from the video
series called "Professor Passport," a very weird
but brilliant  idea conceived, directed, and
executed by Tim Wendel and Ivan Wall, who as
Alliance missionaries in Spain want to reach their
neighborhood.  So they put together this two week
long English camp where Spanish children can
learn English (which thrills their parents) and
have fun (which thrills the kids), and make
friends with the many English-speaking volunteers
(all evangelicals) who come each summer to help
with the camp.   

     I get to play four different characters
throughout the day, who introduce the different
activities the kids will do immediately afterwards
(snack , sports, handcraft, etc.)  It's a privilege to
still be active in Spain, even though I don't live
there anymore.
Spain Ministries
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