I'm not entirely sure I like where this seems to be going,
. . . but it's a nice view       
Curricula Vitae  & Resumes
 Depending on your perspective, you may wish
to peruse the course of my ministry from the
point  of view of academic background,   or more
pragmatic ministry experience.

Academic gives an overview of my schooling,
a list of some published articles,  and a general   
picture of my adult career.

Ministry traces  the history of my pastoral,
missionary, and other ministry experiences.

Courses Taught is a list of most of the college-
level classes I have taught in the past.

Copies of Publications& Sermons access to
articles I've published recently & recorded

Personal Narrative is just that, the story

Pirate is . . . well, it's too strange to describe.
Courses Taught
SUSAN  Smillie Resume
Personal Narrative
Copies of Publications
& Recorded Sermons
Recorded Lectures
What are our assets?
Your brains, his strength, my steel

If we only had a wheelbarrow,
that would be something.

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Did I mention my linguistic capacities ?
for example
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I don't know who said it better, Bob Dylan:
"I'm a-thinkin' and a-won'derin', walkin' down the road"
or Paul McCartney, "The long and winding road,"

but Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir definitely had it right:
"What a long, strange trip it's been."
Maybe I should have listened to
Hoot's wisdom years ago:
"It is not the strongest of species that survive, nor is it the
most intelligent that survive, but it is the one who is most
adaptable to change."
- Charles Darwin  (not my usual go-to guru for wisdom,
but he has a point)