As we help build Christ's church, the work of the ancient Romans here in Spain is an inspiration


Gee, those guys have only been there
3 years  and they've already got a
church like
that built? !
While the expressed strategy and
priority of the CMA mission in
Spain is to reach native Spaniards ,
one cannot help but notice
that our few congregations have
a preponderance of immigrants
in attendance
The inscription on this statue in
Tarragona says that "the Apostle Paul
preached here" ( no kidding, that's
what it says, "right on this spot").
It also goes on to say that because this is such a
holy spot, Pope Somebody-or-the-Other has
declared that anyone saying 10 "Our Fathers"
or 5 "Hail Mary"s to this statue will receive a
month free out of Purgatory     (not kidding this
time either, unfortunately.  Wish I were . . . )
HHa !  Just kidding.       But, when we see the magnificent buildings
erected in Jesus' name already here in Spain, it reminds us of the long
history and context into which we bring the gospel
Bombings in Madrid