What does it take?    What do we need to do?
But we are convinced  that the harder work of  studying the Bible
will bring longer-lasting fruit,  and will root both praise and worship  
in the solid soil of eternal Truth
. . . And once people have "tasted and seen
that the Word of God is good"
they usually want more
Well, worship and praise is
a natural starting place, and
both Spaniards and Latinos . . .
. . . and of course Africans . . .   
seem to know how to do that
pretty naturally.
Some of our colleagues started an English camp
for kids in their neighborhood as a way to reach
the parents.  They asked Gene to be the video
"host" of the camp each of the last three years.
If you want to see some pictures from those
videos,  click  here on   Pirate: