Do we need coffee?
Susan graduated from Wheaton !
      in August 2006
The really amazing part is that she's already done, while most of the people
she started with  have this whole fall semester to go yet . . .
So what's she doing with this newly minted
Master's degree?

Teaching English as Second Language, of course,

to immigrants in DuPage County , Illinois --

some of whom have
never spoken English before
Gene, after a year of relative quiet,  writing chapters for half a dozen devotional books,  
and teaching young Mexicans as a substitute in a local junior high school,
has suddenly found himself in the saddle and riding hard again,  driving all over
Chicago-land  teaching a total of  
seven university or graduate school courses
in  four different universities in Chicago ...

. . . and since September 24, interim pastoring the Hyde Park Alliance Church.  
that . . .
Whew !
We  need Jesus ;
       so please pray for us !
Well, we like coffee . . .
We're also working at the opposite end of intellectual spectrum,
pastoring the Alliance Church in Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago,  where the
congregation is made up  mostly of doctoral and post-doc students at the University of Chicago

Sitting at the computer,
sitting in the car commuting,
sitting at a desk studying . . .

with very little walking

. . . I've gotten big enough
to leave footprints in the
sidewalk when I walk on it
Gotta get a disciplined body or I'll sooner than should be
have a glorified body.    Pray for me, please.