2007 -
Another Year of Scrappin' and Scramblin'  to Make It
Like each of the three years since we returned to the USA from Spain,
we've cobbled together a living,  and a matrix of various ministries,
from several different sources.
Number One on Our Priorities, of course, is Local Church

Since September 2006, Gene served as interim pastor at Hyde Park Alliance ,
a small, and therefore intimate, church  comprised mostly of doctoral students and teachers
from the University of Chicago.                          Here we are, most of  us
Susie and I are older than most of these guys' parents , we realize when they come to visit !

It's an interesting mix, though;  incredibly diverse and international .
During the week Susan and Gene both do a lot of teaching

English as Second Language
at World Relief International

Intermediate Writing
at Morraine Valley College

English for Business
at Executive Language Institue

English as Second Language
College of Chicago

Women's Bible Study
at Hyde Park Alliance     

Introduction to the Bible               
at Elmhurst College     
  and North Park University

Understanding the New Testament and
Interpreting the Book of Acts
        at Trinity International University

Asian Religions, Western Religions,
Critical Thinking, History
, and
Humanities: Renaissance to Present
at University of Phoenix
. . . . and a lot of driving
Our three boys (and some of their friends) have moved in & out of the house at various intervals
So we have a whole mosaic of automobiles in the driveway at any given moment !
Young individuals and families that have come to Chicago for two to five years of studies
need -- and find -- rich fellowship in the Body of Christ gathered at Hyde Park Alliance