Ah, Snow . . .

beautiful winter
in Chicago-land

Out our front door
it looks like this...
February     2008
and our
looks like this
The Smillies commute ALL OVER the Chicago-land map,
every day,  and   . . .
                                                    we're TIRED OF IT !
      Pray that we'll soon find a place of service in the Kingdom that permits us
a little more stability and rest,  a little quieter rhythm to life,  and a little more focus
on one people and one place.
One nice change this year has been that Trinity International University gave Gene
three classes to teach online, and two new courses to create for the online itinerary.
So , while Susie skids around on the icy highways,  I sit barefoot  at the computer
and give feedback  to students in Puerto Rico, Florida, & Guatemala . . .

Gene was also asked to contribute 35  three-page pieces to a book about some of
the more difficult passages of the Scriptures, which was published in July '08
. . . Another barefoot, sittin' at home  job . . . . aaahhhh, yes!

But I still go down to the city to teach a course on C.S. Lewis Saturday mornings for
three hours at North Park University, an Intro to the Bible course at Elmhurst College
on Thursday evenings for three hours, and a different 4 hour course each week for
University of Phoenix, one night or another.   And of course there's the church and its
activities, on the South Side of Chicago, in Hyde Park
                                                                                        May 2008
                                 Moved again!   No, really:  we did !  AGAIN. Only 20 months
after moving from Carol Stream across town in Wheaton, we've had to find another place, as our
landlord put the house on the market for sale at the beginning of May.  So now we're about 20
minutes closer to the heart of the city of Chicago (and to most of our commuting teaching jobs),
but still in the 'burbs.  Barely.
For awhile it's that same old familiar life-out-of-cardboard boxes scene again (sigh).
                 Lord, when you gonna let these weary pilgrims settle down?

Here's the new address and phone number:

This time, though, each of our three boys is out on his own, somewhere, and it's just Susie and
Gene making the home, for the first time in 23 years.
  Mixed feelings about that.  Stay tuned.   >.>>..>..>>..>.>>
{ Later: }

As a matter of fact, as of June 1  Malcolm is indeed back from Israel, and living with us !
         Four weeks - that was a short empty nest period . . . .

Dave is in Papua, New Guinea (wild primitive non-electricified eastern end of Indonesian
archipelago, right on the equator, 4000 feet up in the mountains) until Christmas

Matt lives with some friends across the county near Wheaton where we lived before, has had
several jobs since high school, went to tech school for awhile, worked as line man for ATT,  right
now doing landscaping, thinking about and looking into the U.S. Air Force . . . .
The Smillies   
235 Pick Ave
Elmhurst, IL
phone:  (630) 833 57 58