You may wonder what's been happening with the Smillie boys
Malcolm graduated from Wheaton
College in 2007, then went back to Israel
twice for about 5 months each time,
splitting his time between archaeological
spadework on a dig in Tel Rehov,
working with a local group of Israeli
believers in Jerusalem, and writing
documents for an advocacy group in

He's been back to DuPage County and
living with us since June '08, parking cars
for a living , studying things he didn't
have time to in college, and catching up
with old friends in free time.
He's in the process of moving from active
participant to official member  of Immanuel
Presbyterian Church in Warrenville, and
also considering a number of career options
or strategies for the next few years.
Seminary?  The Diplomatic Service? The
Military? Linguistics? Radio? Missions?
Dave worked for two years in a neurologist's office
after high school, took a few classes at College of
DuPage, was involved in several small group Bible
studies, and helped with the youth group at Blanchard
Road Alliance Church.  Then he went to Columbia
International University in South Carolina for the next
year and a half, where he majors in pastoral ministries
and leads worship at an Alliance church there in
This past summer 2008 he sold Bibles door to door in
Tennessee.  From August til Christmas he's living 4000
feet up in the mountains at the equator in Papua, New
Guinea ( the big island at the eastern end of the
Indonesian archipelago, directly north of Australia )
If you know Dave, you'd expect to
see him surrounded by a gang of
friends, and sure enough here are
some of the newest ones - part of
the group of a dozen college
students who are living with
Papuans in their village, and
learning leadership and discipleship
skills, cross-cultural adaptation, and
much more, in a college-credit
program called EduVenture.
(Actually, the guys Dave lives with look much more like the Africans he grew up with  
than like these white American college students !)  He's in his element!
Matt got hit by a car as he was walking home
alongside the road late one rainy night. The impact
was so great the driver must have thought he killed
him, and he sped off , rather than stopping to offer
aid.  Another driver stopped and an ambulance
carried Matt to the hospital where it was found that
he had a fractured skull, many fragments of glass in
both arms, and a severed nerve in his arm that
might have left that arm useless. But, praise God, a
skilled surgeon put his nerves back together again
the next week in a long difficult surgery, and he can
begin to use his fingers again.  But he can't work for
That is particularly disturbing, because he'd had a run of job turnovers since graduating
from high school in '07. He's learned a lot of  technology and construction skills, but as
the youngest and newest on each new job he takes, he is the first one to get laid off when
the economy turns down.  Have you noticed?  --it's on a dizzingly steep decline!  So he
really needs money, as well as direction.
But Matt's resilient;  a few weeks after the
hit-and-run he's cheerful and mobile again,
trying to figure out how to make some
money to pay his rent, his car insurance, etc.
Before That. . . .
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