Across this Sea  have come  many immigrants,
from the shores of Africa and South America
to the shores of Spain,
looking for a better life.
To get to them, we cross mountains and deserts

in trains, or buses, or cars
Working with the Alliance, helping embryonic churches by mentoring
            pastors and elders   and teaching the Bible to new believers
Many - most - of the pastors we've met here have had little or  no previous contact with the C & M A . . .

but they clearly have known GOD well for a goodly season !

WE can learn a lot from THEM.
In Spain,  even though  vast  open  spaces  stretch  between  the  cities,
people crowd  together  around  very  narrow  streets
just  like  in  the  rest  of  Europe
The  Church in Spain is becoming a very diverse body !
Immigrants to Spain - and we ourselves - adjust to  cultures already in place

. . .   cultures that include and go back to Gypsies,  Arabs,  Visigoths,

ancient  Romans and Gauls    . . .      and Phoenicians:  the Canaanite race
that preceded the Jews in Palestine
Recent News
Back home in Camarma, we balance preparation of Bible studies

with family time,    and studying Spanish
Bombings in
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