Cote d'Ivoire is a beautiful green country

. . . a wonderful place for our boys' childhood
David          \    
catches a ride   
B o u g a i n v i l l e a
Hortense and Madeleine, warm loving helpers around the household,
gave our boys devoted attention -- which was a good thing,   because by the time
we'd been in Africa three years,    Susie had her hands full !
One of the nice things about missionary life for us in Cote d'Ivoire was that
the Daddy of the house could manage his work so as to be at home much of the time,
so Gene could share the joys and responsibilities of these guys' earliest years.

Another nice thing  - a life-saver! -  was that there were swimming pools
in every town we lived in!  Nice, clean, cool pools -a virtually everyday break for us
And . . . okay, let's admit it:  . . . some of the best moments of those years
were vacation times at the beaches of San Pedro on the Atlantic Ocean,

& stopping in
France on our way home from, or on our way back to, "the mission field"

Here we are at one of our favorite places in the whole world:    Lake Annecy,
near my cousin Rebecca Stiefel-Irvin's home on the Switzerland/France border
Lots of kids at our door, early each morning, called out  "Malcolm!  David!  Matthieu!"