Gene R. Smillie                                                               Phone:   (630) 541 5239  
7311 S. Woodward Ave
Woodridge,  Illinois                                                                  Email:


Ph.D.     Trinity Evangelical Divinity School  2000 ........... New Testament
M.Div.     Princeton Theological Seminary  1982............ Exegesis
M.A.         Wheaton Graduate School   1979  ........... Theology
B.A.             Wheaton College         1971 ............. Literature


Living and Active: The Word of God in the Book of Hebrews


2006-16 Adjunct professor Trinity International University, University of Phoenix; adult education classes Lombard Bible Church
2006-10 Adjunct professor Elmhurst College, North Park University;     
2001-04  Non-formal seminars in French and Spanish with local church leadership in Spain
2001    Adjunct teacher, North Park University  (Chicago, IL)
2001    Adjunct teacher, Trinity International University  (Deerfield, IL)
1996-98 Instructor, Abundant Life Bible Training Center, Wheeling, IL (an independent church-related school)
1986-94 L'Institut Biblique Yamoussoukro  [college-level pastoral training, in Cote d'Ivoire, west Africa]
1986-94  Organized &  taught  lay preacher conferences & InterVarsity conferences in Cote d'Ivoire
1995-6  Teaching  Assistant to Dr. Peter Nelson, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
1978-9  Teaching Assistant to Dr. Morris Inch, chairman of  the Bible Department, Wheaton College

 ACADEMIC FIRST PLACE AWARDS  (at graduation from Princeton Theological Seminary, 1982)

Scribner Prize in New Testament,     MacLaren Prize in Biblical Theology,     Westminster Foundation Prize


Pastoring, church planting, teaching home Bible studies, substitute teaching in public schools   1977-84
Ordained 1984, after three years pastoring in Los Alamos & Santa Fe, New Mexico;
Missionary with The Christian and Missionary Alliance  1985-95, 2001-05
Learned Spanish and adapted to Latino culture in Colombia, South America, 1969-70
Learned French and adapted to European culture in France, 1985-6
Learned Baoule and adapted to African culture in Cote d'Ivoire 1986-94
Strategy chairman, C & M A, Cote d'Ivoire field 1990-93  (church membership 200k);  articulated policy
Preached & presented missions to all age-groups in approximately 50 churches each of 3 furlough years ('89, '94, '04)
Pastored the English-speaking congregation of Wheaton Chinese Alliance Church 1998-2000
Substitute teaching Wheaton North High School 2000-01;  West Chicago High School, Jr. Hi., & Elementary  2004-05
Acted the parts of four different characters in the children's video series "Professor Passport"  (2004-05)
Pastored Hyde Park Alliance Church in the University of Chicago Graduate School community (2006-08; 1995-96)
Presently (2016) teaching as adjunct professor at Trinity International University and University of Phoenix, and Adult Ed  
Director at Lombard Bible Church


Hebrews 6:7-8 :  The Seminary as a Seedbed      Princeton Seminary Viewpoints,    April 1980    
The Credence Principle in Hermeneutics    
Princeton Seminary Viewpoints,     Nov  1981
From Apprentice to Apostle:  Timothy as Pattern for Missionary Candidates
Alliance Witness   May 1985
First Impressions   
Alliance Life,  April 1987;  
Adapting to Foreign Cultures:  The Myth of Missionaries as Enemies of Culture    
Alliance Life,  Sept 1990
An Institute for Timely Training   
Alliance Life,   Sept 1992
Surviving the First Term  
Great Commission Handbook 1992;
It’s Soul Work    
Mission Today,  Jan 1994
The Short Step  
Great Commission Handbook 1993;
Is Theological Education Real Missionary Work?
Alliance Life,  Feb 1996;
As Iron Sharpens Iron:  Working Together    
Alliance World,   Fall  1995
Adaptors to Foreign Cultures
Mission Today, Jan 1995
Ephesians 6:19 : A Mystery for Which the Apostle is an Ambassador in Chains
Trinity Journal,  Fall  1997;
The Short Step (Chapter in
Send Me, ed. Steve Hoke & Bill Taylor: 1999);
       [Reprinted in:   
Christianity 2001; 2001;   and Men of Integrity,  Sep 2000 ]
Occupy ‘til I Come: What Jesus  Really  Meant
Into All the World 2000
Bush Rat Stew Theology   
Into All the World   2002
"Even the Dogs": Gentiles in the Gospel of Mathew
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society Mar 2002
"Era Unico el Israel Etnico Como Pueblo de Dios?"   
Consulta Misionera Pena de Horeb,  Oct 2003
"Peregrinos, Lo Somos Todos"  
Conferencia Liderazgo Pena de Horeb ,  Feb 2004  
"O Logos Tou Theou" in Hebrews 4:12-13
    Novum Testamentum (Brill) Oct 2004
"The One Who Is Speaking" in Hebrews 12:2
5 Tyndale Bulletin (Cambridge University) Nov 2004
Isaiah 42:1-4 in Its Rhetorical Co-Text    Bibliotheca Sacra   Jan 2005
"The Other Logos" at the End of Heb. 4:13
  Novum Testamentum (Brill) March 2005
Jesus' Answer to the Question of His Authority in Matthew 21
  Bibliotheca Sacra October 2005
Contrast or Continuity in Hebrews 1.1-2 ? New Testament Studies (Cambridge University) October 2005
"Joshua, Gideon,  Mephibosheth,  Solomon,  Nehemiah,  John the Baptist,  Barnabas,  John Mark"  in
Men's Devotional Bible (Zondervan, 2006)
"Mathew, Mark, Luke, John,  Hebrews, 1 Peter, 2 Peter"    in  Travelers' Devotional New Testament
                                                                                           (Christian Art Distributers, 2006)
 Book review  of  "Leading with Love" by Alexander Strauch  Leadership  Journal Jan 2007
 Character sketches of  John the Baptist, a Leper, Syro-Phoenician woman, Peter the fisherman, Zachaeus the tax man,
                               a Samaritan woman at the well, a Man born blind, Ethiopian court official, Paul,  & John Mark  in
True Encounters: Finding God New Testament     (International Bible Society,  January 2007)
"Psalms 61-82, Isaiah 47-59, Daniel 3-12, Hosea 1-12, Mark 11-14, Luke 1-4, 1 Corinthians 1-9,
                    2 Corinthians 1-4,  1 Peter 1-3"     in
   Family Life Resource Bible   (Thomas Nelson, 2007)
 "Hitchiker in the Rain,"   "Chance Encounter,"    "The Big Wave,"       in
Along the Way (Meredith, 2007)
       "Your Loss is My Loss,"       in   Teen Along the Way (Meredith 2007)
Book [with Linda Washington & Betsy Todt Schmitt] Puzzlements and Predicaments of the Bible (Simon & Schuster: 2008)
[Book review of] Jesus through Middle Eastern Eyes: Cultural Studies in the Gospels by Kenneth E. Bailey (Intervarsity: 2008)
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, April 2009
  "Take the Short Step" in Global Mission Handbook: A Guide for Cross-Cultural Service (InterVarsity Press, 2009)
   Ten devotionals in
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus  (Worth, 2011)
"Our Apartment as 'Yacht' " in
Chicken Soup for the Soul (2016)

      (online and face to face course notes for students and for instructors)

      Hermeneutics                     Introduction to the Old Testament         The Writings of the Apostle Paul
      The Life of Christ               Introduction to the New Testament        History of the Church, Pentecost to Present
      The Acts of the Apostles     General  (non-Pauline) Epistle


Teach Bible, theology, hermeneutics, homiletics to future pastors in a cross-cultural or international setting

or, Teach Bible and humanities in a secular university

Write engaging, compelling, and edifying  literature in the s
ervice of the Kingdom of God


Married 10-21-1983 to Susan (M.Div. Alliance Theological Seminary, M.A.Wheaton Graduate School,  B.S.Iowa State U.)
Three sons:    Malcolm, David, and Matthew,  ages 31, 29, and 27

Dr. Douglas J. Moo (Wheaton),  Dr. Donald A. Carson (Trinity),  Dr. Andrew Das (Elmhurs
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