Susan Ruth Smillie

After completing her M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language
(and Cross-cultural Communications) in 2006 at Wheaton Graduate School,
Susan got hired as an adjunct professor at both Morraine Valley College and
the English Language Training Institute (for business professionals).
She has continued to teach an average of two courses per semester at
Moraine Valley for 4 years now, helping international university students
prepare for speaking and writing in the academic environment
In 2009 she trained to teach English composition at the University of Phoenix,
where after one year in the classroon she was named as one of the Lead
Faculty for the (four) Chicago campuses of the University of Phoenix.

It's already a "full plate" of responsibility just to be a commuting working
woman, but the men in her life have placed many extra burdens on Susan in
the home.  Matt (22) has had numerous brushes with the law, lost job after
job, and without an income moved back under our roof after less than a year
out of high school, where he's been ever since.

After graduating from Wheaton College, Malcolm (25) went to work and dig
in Israel three different times, and then to Thailand to teach in an
International High School. But in March of 2010 came back "home" very
distraught and has been sitting around our house in a daze, troubled, ever

Then, the only other working adult in this household of four, Gene, had a
medical crisis just after Christmas 2010, with the result that he has not been
able to drive himself anywhere for the first 6 weeks of 2011, and lost three
teaching contracts that were supposed to begin in January.

So Susie is carrying a very, very heavy load right now.
(written Feb 6, 2011)
(A very old) Resume
Susie's Life Story
Curriculum Vitae
(A more recent) Resume
Gene's tribute to Susie
(by Waylon Jennings, who does it so much better than I ever could)