Okay, for the geographically challenged

that's Spain right smack in the middle,

      just to the left of the shadow

with northern Africa  below it ,

and the rest of Europe,   and the islands of Britain,  
above it
Beautiful, isn't it,
the part of the globe on which we lived
for  three years,

seen from 'way up in a satellite
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(what it's like,  what we did there, etc.
We lived just outside Madrid,
in the center of the country,
and traveled to minister
in all directions from there
We found ourselves surrounded by a warm loving family of Alliance missionaries
who had come from a variety of nations to serve together in Madrid

(not present for this gathering, but equally loved, were the Westergrens and the Guaychas)
Leadership of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Spain
has a whole different face to it than in years gone by ;
Truly an international team  to reach this nation