Ministry Experience
                                                       of  Gene R. Smillie

Childhood  - in home of C&MA pastor (E.W. Smillie)

1967-71       Wheaton College    Coffee house evangelism

1969-70       One year Short Term Mission project in Medellin, Colombia, South America:
                   Helped C&MA missionary Arnold Cook reach University students

1971-76       On a “Jonahâ€� trip in the secular world,  trying to do “anything but ministryâ€�

                            (While at Wheaton Graduate School) :
1976-79        Helped plant 3 C&MA churches
              Knocked on doors inviting people to church activities;  home hospitality;  home Bible study leader
                   1976-77 Bolingbrook C&MA
                   1977-78 Bloomingdale C&MA
                   1978-79 Wheaton Chinese C&MA

                           (While at Princeton Theological Seminary) :
1979-80          Student pastor,  St. Bartholomew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Trenton, NJ
1981(summer)  Pulpit Supply and Vacation Bible Schools throughout rural Alaska (Presbyterian)
1981-82          Student Chaplain, Philadelphia Prison System

1982-84        Associate Pastor, Trinity Bible Church of the C&MA    Los Alamos, New Mexico
                       (Congregants all research scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory)
                         Simultaneously tried unsuccessfully to plant a new church in Santa Fe, NM,  and
                         was interim pastor at Albuquerque, NM, C&MA church for 6 months.

1985        Associate Pastor, Lombard, IL C&MA Church

1986 (summer)  Interim pastor, Mazamet C&MA Church (in France)

1986-87     Teacher, Yamoussoukro Bible Institute    
                      (Côte d’Ivoire, west Africa)

1987-89     C&MA “bush missionary,â€� working with Ivorian pastor shepherding 27 churches
                         Preached weekly and taught weekly elder-training home Bible study
                         Organized and taught quarterly 3-day lay leader training conferences for lay pastors

1989-90     Furlough ministries, speaking in 60 Alliance churches

1990-94     Teacher, Yamoussoukro Bible Institute
                                 (Côte d’Ivoire, W. Africa)
                    Preached weekly in both urban and "bush" churches
                    Conducted weekend lay leader training conferences
                    Gave Intervarsity conferences at local university

1994-95     Furlough ministries, speaking in 40 Alliance churches

1995-96     Interim preaching pastor, Hyde Park C&MA Church
                                  (University of Chicago)

1996-98     Teacher, Abundant Life Bible Training Institute (Wheeling, IL)
               Adult Sunday School Class Teacher,   Village Church of the Evangelical Free Church (Deerfield, IL)

1998-00     English Pastor, Wheaton Chinese Alliance Church

2001          Adjunct professor of Bible,  North Park University and Trinity International University

2001-04     Visiting immigrant churches all over the nation of Spain,
                     using French, Spanish, and English
                    to encourage,  mentor, and teach believers in embryonic churches

               Teaching weekly leadership course in a latino church in Madrid

2004-05      Furlough ministries, speaking in 40 Alliance churches

2005-06      Writing study notes for Zondervan's Men's Bible, Tyndale's Family Bible, & Travelers N.T.

2006-08      Pastor, Hyde Park Alliance Church, Chicago

2006-12      Adjunct professor of Bible at Trinity, North Park, Elmhurst, and Crown college or university
                Rewriting Bible course curricula for Trinity International University REACH program
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