Coursework Taught on a Formal Level

North Park University                     2006-08                      Adjunct Professor
                                                                    Introduction to Christian Thought (the Bible)
                                                                    Life and Writings of C. S. Lewis
Elmhurst College                             2006-10                     Adjunct Professor
                                                                     Biblical Studies and Contemporary Issues

Trinity International University       2007-19                      Adjunct Professor     [courses taught both online
                                                                     Understanding the New Testament               and face-to-face in classroom]
                                                                      Life of Christ                                 
                                                                     The Book of Acts                                         I also rewrote the course notes
                                                                      Paul and His Letters                                     for these classes for the instructors
                                                                      General Epistles                                           & students and redesigned the curricula
                                                                      Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics)           
                                                                      Understanding the Old Testament                 

University of Phoenix (Chicago)            2006-19              Faculty/facilitator        [courses taught both online
                                                                                                                                     and face-to-face in classroom]
                                                                     World Religions Asia (Hinduism, Buddhism, Tao, Confucius, Shinto)
                                                                     World Religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam)
                                                                     World Mythologies                             
                                                                   Critical Thinking (Philosophy)             
                                                                      Foundations of Free Market Capitalism (Philosophy)
                                                                  Humanities:  Renaissance to Present
                                                                      European History 1789 to Present
                                                                     American History 1865-1945  
                                                                     American History 1945-Present

Crown College (St.Bonifacius MN)            2009-11            (online)
                                                                    New Testament History
                                                                    Acts & Pastoral Epistles
                                                                    Gospel of John

Liberty University                            2006                        Online Faculty
                                                                      New Testament Orientation
                                                                      NT Greek Language Tools
Academia Laica (Madrid)                  2003-4                 Visiting Prof
        (junior college level,                                  Small Group Leadership
        conducted in Spanish)                               Hermeneutic

North Park University                     2001                      Adjunct Professor
                                                     Introduction to Christian Thought (the Bible)

Trinity International University      2001                       Adjunct Instructor
                                                     Understanding the New Testament

Abundant Life Bible School :            1996-98                     Instructor
                                                                    Introduction to New Testament
                                                                    Life and Writings of Pau

L’Institut Biblique Yamoussoukro    1986-87;     1990-94       Professeur

          (college level,                                       Introduction to Greek
    all courses conducted in French)                  Hermeneutics
                                                                    The other Pauline Epistles
                                                                    Catholic (or General)  Epistles
                                                                    Old Testament History
                                                                    Old Testament Major Prophets
                                                                    OT Minor Prophets
                                                                    Bible Study Methods
                                                                    Contemporary Theology
                                                                    African Theology
                                                                    World Religions
                                                                    Anthropology, Soteriology, Christology, & Redemption
                                                                    Introduction to O T
                                                                    Introduction to N T
                                                                    Intensive 3 week (summer) Intro to Greek
                                                                    Readings in the Greek New Testament
(Also regularly conducted two-day lay pastors’ training conferences on weekend

Trinity Evangelical Divinity Sch
ool       1995-96            Teaching Assistant in New Testament

   [ graded all term papers and exams;   occasionally taught New Testament classes for the prof ]

Wheaton College                                  1978-79   Teaching Assistant to Chairman of Bible Dept.

  [ graded  term papers and exams;   occasionally taught Theology classes for the prof ]
Just a hint of the fabulous compensation of adjunct professoring . . . .
Teaching  History  is a matter of perspective.

For example, take the monument on Mt. Rushmore of great U.S. Presidents:

if you were to look at it from the  Canadian  side of the border,  it might look different.